Illuminati Hypersexualization of Children Exposed! Disney Pedophilia and Satanic Rolemodels

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Vatic Note:  This is a MUST WATCH VIDEO.   To save our children, we have some serious work ahead of us, I just hope we are up to it, both in sticking to it and in courage, as we will need both for sure.   Match this up with the TSA under Homeland Security and how they are messing with the private parts of the children at the airports.  Its simply a way to get these children desensitized to the fondling that is occurring from the adults and prepares them for any approach by pedophiles.

Remember Senator Schaffer and how she was murdered for exposing CPS in taking children out of homes,  and pimping them out to higher ups within government at various levels.  We did a blog on that here.  We also did a couple of blogs on Disney's role in all of this satanic garbage. 

Senator Schaffer,  also did an extensive interview with Alex Jones that we published and exposed the fact that what started out in Geogia as a problem, she discovered was nationwide, with CPS.  She was going international with the problem when she was killed as was her husband. 

This is an international problem with those pushing all this on our children who are doing it intentionally to degrade our society with these kids as they become adults, if they have not been pedophiled by then, would at least have been indoctrinated in believing having sex with children is an OK thing to do.  We know who controls the movie, TV, and Disney industries and that is the khazar Zionists. That has also been covered extensively on this blog.

Illuminati Hypersexualization of Children Exposed! Disney Pedophilia and Satanic Rolemodels 
Published by codenameANOOR on Oct 12, 2014

Exposing subliminal sexualizing content aimed at young children from Hollywood, TV shows, Movies, and the pedophile fashion industry. Disney channel and Disney movies exposed. Young girls being turned into miniature sex kittens.  Illuminati brainwashing and destruction of Morality.   (VN: its all laid out very clearly in the protocols, that this was what they intended to do.  Go after the children, and defrock them of all their values and traditions, and degrade them so when they are adults, the resistance will be non - existant. )

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

A VATIC MUST READ AND WATCH: DO NOT get vaccinated, a new bioweapon is being distributed via vaccines

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Vatic Note:  Boy, when Jim Stone writes one up, its a duzzy.  I don't have much to add, since this is brand new to me, and it fits perfectly with all the quotes and projects these cabal evil ones have done in the past.  This is just another act of war against the American people from the inside, or "Enemies Domestic".  Hear that, soldiers?   Hear that, Law enforcement.... now is when you will have to stand by your oath you took, no matter who is doing it, you must protect and defend.  We will stand with you in doing so, since we outnumber, armed, just about everyones army/military.

Who were the scientists who created this thing?   Who did they work for?  Are they American?  If so, then they are traitors if they knew it was to be used against our people.  If they did not know, then THEY NEED TO SPEAK UP NOW AND POINT THE FINGER SO WE CAN PUT A STOP TO ALL OF THIS.

Maybe it was Israeli's and they brought it over here and had their spies/agents insert it into the general population, if so, then its the USS Liberty all over again.  Its time to tell Israel that this is their last unanswered attack against us and that any further attacks will be answered in kind and without hesitation.  Tell them to "be warned", you are on your last leg.   After this, its anybody's game, including ours.  Just ask the British.   Once we get it,  then you get it.  

DO NOT get vaccinated, a new bioweapon is being distributed via vaccines
By Jim Stone, Freelance Reporter,

The first T4 bacteriophage was seen under an electron microscope in 1940.

However, this does not change the main thesis of the bacteriophage report, which remains accurate in the fact that phages are what has been chosen in "vaccines" which are really biological warfare weapons.

Unlike ordinary viruses, which can infect or live in several species of animal, bacteriophages, which prior to being engineered to do otherwise, only infected bacteria and additionally were so selective, they only infected one bacteria sub group. This could be compared to a dog disease that only killed golden retrievers, while leaving a golden lab untouched

This selectivity that phages are capable of has been used in Israel's race specific bioweapons program, and additionally, can be used in brain eating vaccines which contain "viruses" that only attack a specific type of neuron. So though the main thesis is accurate, and was brought to my attention by people in the medical community who were very alarmed by the adaptation of phages for clandestine use, the T4 itself is not an Israeli creation and this context will be removed from the bacteriophage report.

There have been many reports about genetically engineered nanobot viruses being developed that will destroy people. Once these viruses are received via a tainted vaccine, they insert DNA into your cells which instructs your own cells to produce more copies of themselves and THAT is how they replicate. And they NEVER back off, they simply order your own cells to keep producing them until your cells die from being over worked doing exactly that.

The elite are now going for a huge push to get genetically modified bacteriophage based "vaccines" put into the entire world public via mandated injections AT ONCE. And I suspect they are going to use a phony Ebola outbreak to scare the people into accepting shots laced with these genetically modified viruses, with everyone receiving the shot within a short period of time.

Anyone who is with it enough to find a web site like this one ought to know about the NWO plan for global depopulation and the establishment of compact slave cities that can be managed with ease. What better way could there be to manage a massive depopulation than a fake outbreak, with the real disease being in mandated shots, peddled as vaccines that are supposed to protect?

You can bet the elite do not want to actually release something that could kill them into the wild in the form of a real outbreak. They would instead opt to use all their ill gotten tax dollars to formulate a shot and inject it into their victims, with a certain percentage of the shots being non hazardous, perhaps 1 in 10, and the rest representing the end of life for the recipient. If the disease is a managed disease that is completely non contageous and can only be received via a shot, they can rest easy while the world dies around them.

And THIS is why they are pushing vaccines so hard, and now actively working to destroy completely legitimate dissent.


THE EBOLA OUTBREAK IS LIKELY A HOAX TO TRICK YOU INTO GETTING A VIRAL NANOBOT LACED VACCINE THAT WILL DESTROY YOU.  (VN: this is why the whole issue of Ebola disappeared so fast, they got exposed and backed off, so understand how important it is for you to "know the truth", so they have to give it up.) 

The real threat to our future is the T4 nanobot Bacteriophage

An alarming development regarding the topic of viral phages has occurred

To provide a background on this, I have a really close friend who is a doctorate of pharmacology and an expert in the related microbiology fields. While having lengthy discussions about the future of weaponized medicine, this friend went on and on about how bacteriophages were being re engineered to attack our brain cells rather than their normal host - bacteria, implant DNA directly into our cells to change us immediately and forever change future generations by delivering a DNA payload to the egg cells in the ovaries and also to the male reproductive system. 

This would have a permanent impact on the future of mankind. Once this type of phage was received via a vaccination, those vaccinated would have the vaccine induced traits passed along via DNA insertion by the phage to all future generations.

Though phages (which are viruses that attack bacteria,) of various types have been around virtually forever, they have thus far been harmless to anything other than bacteria, and are even highly selective in the exact type and species of bacteria they will attack.

When discussing this topic, I raised the question WHY were they modifying phages instead of common viruses that have a history of attacking people. One answer is in the fact that phages, more so than ordinary viruses which can cross the species divide, are highly selective in their targets and are programmed to only attack precisely what they were designed to - a bacteriophage will prefer only one variant of a particular type of bacteria. For example, there are many different types of salmonella bacteria, and among salmonella bacteria, a particular phage will attack only one variant while leaving other variants of salmonella alone. 

  In the brain, not all neurons are identical, but all are similar so when administered via an intentionally tainted vaccine, the high selectivity of a modified bacteriophage can be used to target precisely the type of neuron a sabotaged vaccine would be intended to wipe out. 

Another reason why bacteriophages were chosen as prime candidates for brain and DNA modification is the fact that they are not designed to attack people to begin with, so if any make it into the wild, re infection of people who never received the tainted vaccine would be impossible - a phage would not be likely to make it through the lungs or skin and into the blood stream simply because it was never designed to breach those biological barriers.

But a needle, injecting it directly into the blood stream would bypass those barriers. So the elite, who would either want us emotionally numbed, dumbed down, or genetically altered would have little to fear while being amongst their victims, even as the disease raged inside them.

I cannot stress how freaked out my friends in the medical community were over this technology, one basically said it represented the end of mankind because it was in the hands of evil people, and that it would be used to divide humanity into two different groups - one which was rendered inferior by permanent DNA replacement, with the new DNA becoming a permanent part of what is passed on through the generations.

There are two modes of action phages operate with, one is the active assault, and one is a dormant mode. The active assault type of phage, called a lytic phage would be used for immediate personality modification of individuals, and the lysogenic type, which simply invades and makes changes to DNA while leaving whatever it is attacking alive, would be used for genetic modification of people, modifications that would span generations and be permanent.

And now onto this spooky robot like six legged fully hexagonal T4 phage that now totally dominates the web - I would like to know why the people who are pulling this tainted vaccine scam off on the people have somehow made this particular variant so dominant in the public spectrum. So let me ask WHY is this thing almost completely dominant online, when MANY different types of phages exist and why no pictures of this thing were ever in Google images prior to September of 2007?

Let me take a WILD EYED GUESS. It´s a matter of national pride. A form of cult like religious orgasm. All phages depicted now not only have six legs, but they also have a star of david body. This is NOT NATURAL, BLATANTLY OBVIOUS, AND DOWN RIGHT DANGEROUS. You know what the future holds now? It is something FAR MORE SPOOKY than any micro drone - it is the brain eating phage, specifically engineered to eat your emotional neurons and render you incapable of free will.

I have been told (long ago, in 2010) it is being developed as a vaccine additive to be administered under strict controls and not be something that can survive outside the body, because that certain six pointed group of individuals has the same genetics as the rest of us, so they have no doubt made it certain that their own weapon cannot leap out of the wild and haunt them. Tainted Nightmare needs an update, because it only speaks about vaccine adjuvants.

This entire phage thing is something new, four years advanced beyond that article. I suggest you take Alex with a grain of salt and watch this video, it really is dead on.

VN: **** Stanford is a globalist institution.


I suggest everyone save a copy of the photo below of a different type of natural phage, because through expungement of history "they" no doubt want to drool in a religious stupor over how their little hexagonal leg patterns and star of david phage bodies wreak havoc on the rest of mankind.

And on that note, I may have stated above that the reason for re engineering a phage to do the job rather than a known infectious virus would be to make good and sure it could not spread to other people in the wild, but I can´t help but imagine that such a profoundly Jewish looking micro organism would not be selected simply for its appearances.

That stupid phage has six points on the body when viewed from above, six points on the body when viewed from the side, and six legs. PERFECT, DON´T YA KNOW!
. . . . . But I am sure it is just coincidence . . . . . . . .

The following discusses an OBVIOUS test run of this nanobot.

Doctors say "it´s like your brain is on fire"

READ THE FOLLOWING REPORT CLOSELY: It is OBVIOUS the Gardasil vaccine is not for Papaloma, it is for attacking the emotional centers, and the following report PROVES IT.

"PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s a mysterious, newly discovered disease that strikes mainly young women, and it’s often misdiagnosed. Doctors who discovered it, here in Philadelphia, say it’s like your brain is on fire. It starts with personality changes, and then young women lay dazed, restrained in hospital beds, acting possessed and then become catatonic. They’d been so normal, when suddenly their lives went haywire.
“One minute I’d be sobbing, crying hysterically, and the next minute I’d be laughing," said Susannah Cahalan, of New Jersey.

My comment:

Personality changes? That is EXACTLY what will happen if your emotional centers, which largely control personality, get attacked. And HOW can doctors just blatantly state that "it´s like your brain is on fire" if they were not in on the program and had no insight into what was going on?

 Furthermore, IT STRIKES MAINLY YOUNG WOMEN, THE GROUP THAT WOULD GET THE GARDASIL VACCINE. They state later in this rag article that "It´s an autoimmune response, where the immune system is attacking the brain" but oh so responsibly omit the fact that it is blatantly obviously caused by vaccines administered to a controlled group, and that vaccines are responsible for virtually ALL auto immune disorders.

The fact that this is a controlled administration of an illness is proven by the fact that it is so selective to "young women", not middle aged women, teenagers, boys, children, men or anything else, just YOUNG WOMEN. YOUNG WOMEN GET THE GARDASIL VACCINE FREQUENTLY, WHICH IS VIRTUALLY BEYOND QUESTION, JUST BY WHO IS IMPACTED BY THIS ILLNESS, THE MEDIUM THAT CAUSED THIS "DISEASE" IN PHILADELPHIA. Philadelphia no doubt got a custom batch.

Further deepening the pile of B.S. in the CBS report is the fact that the doctors called it an auto immune disorder at all. There is no way they could know that for certain, unless they knew there was a trial vaccination campaign happening locally to Philadelphia, and they assumed it was auto immune. My guess? 

My guess is this little six legged monster was being tested in a trial run, with a controlled group of the elite´s primary target - young women, to see how well it destroyed them. No doubt any woman who got these vaccines has it in her medical record, and they will use that record to see if "after complete recovery" from this illness she becomes the perfect wage slave they want her to be.

They will no doubt track EVERYTHING she does, from the number of abortions to how many days her children spend in daycare, and how well she follows the programming inserted into her life via various media control mechanisms. Obamacare will be PERFECT for that.

“I was very paranoid and manic. There was something wrong. I thought trucks were following me,” said Emily Gavigan, of Pennsylvania.

And it got worse for Emily Gavigan, who was a sophomore at the University of Scranton. Hospitalized, and out of it, she couldn’t control her arm movements. Then there were seizures, and she needed a ventilator. Her parents were watching their only child slip away.

“It was life and death for weeks,” said Grace Gavigan, Emily’s mom.
“We were losing her. This is something that I couldn’t control,” said Bill Gavigan, Emily’s dad.

Doctors also couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Susannah.

“I had bizarre abnormal movements, would leave my arms out extended, you know, in front of me. I was a relatively normal person, then the next minute I’m hallucinating and insisting that my father had kidnapped me,” said Susannah.

Turns out, Susannah and Emily weren’t mentally ill. They both had an auto immune disease called Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis, when antibodies attack the brain, causing swelling.

My comment Cool name for it - "Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis" and let me quickly explain what that means. NMDA receptor encephalytis means swelling of NMDA receiving axons in the brain. Anti is spurious. It gives absolutely no indication of AUTOIMMUNE, that is B.S. The bottom line, from that terminology, is that something caused swelling of the nmda receptor sites.

And now I got my weapon, to clear the BS with

Those doctors know exactly what caused this. Wanna know why? Because they said the NMDA receptors swelled up, and there is NO WAY YOU CAN KNOW THAT, UNLESS YOU DO BRAIN SURGERY AND REMOVE SOME OF THOSE RECEPTORS TO PUT THEM ON A MICROSCOPE SLIDE AND CONFIRM THEY ARE INDEED SWOLLEN. 

Those doctors KNEW this was a test, and that it would CAUSE those receptors to swell up. They KNEW THERE WAS A BIOLOGICAL EXPERIMENT GOING ON, AND THEY WERE THE OBSERVERS, ABSENT A BRAIN BIOPSY THERE IS NO OTHER WAY FOR THEM TO SAY WHAT THEY DID, OTHER THAN FOREKNOWLEDGE OF WHAT WAS REALLY GOING ON. No biopsies were ever spoken of. Conveniently, the probable death part of those receptors was left out.

Anything regarding "doctors could not figure out BLAH" is smoke and mirrors, if they spat an answer too quickly someone might ask how they knew. And the fact that this subsided after a few weeks proves that it was NOT any sort of autoimmune malfunction as this article states, because autoimmune disorders do not go away in a few weeks.

Something other than auto immune caused this. I believe this was a GM bacteriophage virus test, where the virus phages went in, did their job, and when complete those receptor sites were not transmitting random trash anymore because they were DEAD. END of symptoms.

Dead is SILENT. The fact that such obvious fallacious statements from the doctors made it into this CBS report without getting caught proves that CBS is not qualified to cover topics of this nature. Autoimmune disorders clearing up in a few weeks? YEAH RIGHT.

Susannah says this is how doctors explained it to her parents, “He told them her brain is on fire. He used those words: ‘Her brain is on fire.

If you did not watch this Alex video, I strongly suggest you do, it really is dead on.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

The Order of the Black Sun ~ Michael Tsarion ~

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a  very Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR to all our readers world wide.   We still need $120 to meet our deficit by the first.  If you can afford it, please donate off to the right of this blog.  Thank you and God Bless  you in a very special way today. 

Vatic Note: Warning:  There is some nudity in the video contained in this vatic note.   Then there is a completely different video associated with the article below this vatic note and it has no nudity or anything else, so be warned and don't watch the first one, if such offends you.  This whole subject was fascinating to say the least and fits in with a lot of what we found from other sources.  We are truly getting an education from what we are finding and it all fits in together.  I can't imagine the good these people could have done if they spent 1 tenth the same amount of time and effort on advancing society instead of destroying it.   To me, it proves just how truly insane these people are.

It also explains soooo much, and shows just how little we know from history.  Its amazing how deep and pervasive the black occult was in ancient times.  In modern times it seems to be making a comeback through the infiltrators of all our industries, movies, TV, news networks,  newspapers, education, medicine, drug companies, banks, military industrial complex, massive and ongoing wars,  and especially through the 13 bloodlines.  etc. I especially resent what they have done to our children which represents the future.  Its the reason that we must stop this now.  Turning back to God and becoming spiritual warriors is the only way.  

Are we also seeing designations such as our children as sacrifices to satan being done?  With some of the recent blogs we have done, it appears to be so, with the aid of our own people who run those institutions.  Is it because "they believe" or is it because of greed for wealth and power?  I don't know, you read and listen and decide.

Michael Tsarion has a 30 year history of studying all of this.  He did an outstanding series that we published on this blog several years back called "THE ORIGINS OF EVIL".   It was a 9 part video series and it was well worth the watch.  He said that we were marvelous creatures, living ordinary lives, and that the evil ones had spent trillions of dollars and thousands of years hiding from us our true nature and power.

In this video below, He talks about the symbols on the uniforms of soldiers in almost every country, which he says marks the soldier for death as a sacrifice.... announcing it in advance and wearing it right up front.  If that is true, then every single government knows this and approves it, and thus are satanists..... or pagans.  You listen and decide.  We know that is the case with the British royal family, and with the Bush's in America, but what about all the other western countries and all our other Presidents who were and are all related to the British crown? 

Like I said, it started me down a journey where I discovered RH neg Blood,  watch them as well and see where it will lead you. Everyone is different.  We will post it on here, if you begin such a journey and discovered such interesting items that we were never told about and you wish to have exposed.

Here is a video that I am putting up in the Vatic Note that shows the connection of the Rothschilds to these ancient occult practices.  Its well worth the watch and makes the connection between their funded wars and occult practices for power and wealth.    (It is my understanding this movie is what got Kubrick killed, and we can counter their conjuring up of dark forces, by us turning to the  good and soliciting the power to fight these dark forces with the good we can manifest through prayer and solicitation of God's help to fight them. I have experienced that power, myself and I know it exists. In fact, science has proven that "prayer" works, read Greg Bradens book,  "The Healing Power of Belief" and "The Divine Matrix". )


Working together we can overcome through exposure.  As you can see, its working already, since they have now panicked and are pushing their agenda forward toward WW III and they know we are not going to do for them that which they wish and have tried to manipulate us to do.

They are seven years behind.  This was attempted to be finished in 2007 and it didn't work, so now they are running out of time.  The twin star is almost here and they have to go underground pretty soon.  That is where it may all be solved.  hehehe

The Order of the Black Sun ~ Michael Tsarion ~ Part 1 of 4
Published by Morph 314 on Aug 19, 2014

'In Program One, of the "Origins & Oracles" series, Michael Tsarion takes us on a vivid journey back to the time of the lost continents of Atlantis and Lemuria. On this journey, timeless mysteries are unraveled and explained like never before.

Masses of disinformation concerning pre-history and the origins of humanity, which have duped scholars and researchers for generations, are eradicated and we are finally able to connect the dots and comprehend how the innumerable idioms of our modern world came into being.

In the tradition of Immanuel Velikovsky, Zechariah Sitchin, Jordan Maxwell, Graham Hancock and Michael Cremo, Michael Tsarion investigates the true origins of mankind and throws open doors which have been sealed for many an age.'


When you get to Haushoffer, check out these two names behind the VAtican, they are ashkenazi Jews, or Khazars. 

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


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MERRY CHRISTMAS and a  very Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR to all our readers world wide.   We still need $120 by the first.  If you can afford it, please donate off to the right of this blog.  Thank you and God Bless  you in a very special way today. 

Saturday, Dec 20th, is Vatic Masters day off.  See you on Sunday.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.