Horror in Hampstead? It Happened.

Vatic Note:   I am at  the library and under restricted time, so I am not able to do a vatic note here, so please read and imagine what I would have said, and it should include satanism,  Pedophilia, Khazars, and a very long history of their using children for satanic power purposes.  This goes all the way back to the canaanites and that is why I believe God instructed the children of Israel to kill them all.  God has a special place for little children in his heart and to harm them and offer them to satan is a true act of cruelty, insanity and mental illness.

No question about it.  I wish I had more time as I could go on about this since this is what has driven me to do this blog with the passion that I do it with.  ITS ABOUT THE LITTLE CHILDREN.... Its always been about that.   If you don't want to really know about just how sick this is, then you better stop these animals before they take us over or you will experience it first hand with your own children.  Please read as this is very very educational and comprehensive. 

What we are also learning is the British elite, including the Rothschild bankers,  are especially good at doing horrific, insane and mentally ill evil acts against those that cannot defend themselves.  It would be good for them to experience such themselves so they can get a grasp of what it is like for the children.  I have to go now, the library is closing.  Will put more up tomorrow. 

Horror in Hampstead? It Happened.
By Admin, Truth Seeker,  February 26, 2015

Crimes of Empire — Feb 21, 2015

Hampstead. The Finders, Belgium and the Franklin Scandal: the Pattern of Cover Up Replayed.

Abused Russian kids Hampstead Hampstead is an apparently very wealthy area of Inner London. The Wikipedia entry reads
”Part of the London Borough of Camden in Inner London, it is known for its intellectual, liberal, artistic, musical and literary associations It has some of the most expensive housing in the London area. The village of Hampstead has more millionaires within its boundaries than any other area of the United Kingdom “ So there is a lot of extreme wealth in the area.

Several weeks ago a series of gut wrenching videos emerged of two young children describing in detail their sexual abuse, by a number of individuals including their father and staff at the school they attended, including the head teacher.

 The videos also detail their involvement in Satanic rituals that on a number of occasions involved the murder of infants. The title of this piece may be slightly hyperbolic given the suppression of the evidence, but all the signs are of a cover up, none are of a hoax and to claim so is to show a terrible ignorance of recent Western history.
If the allegations are properly investigated and turn out not to be true I will be pleased but I know that it is impossible. We have seen this happen too many times before the pattern is clear and there are unmistakeable signs of a cover up of the Hampstead allegations.

Once you get past the troubling initial shock of the extremity of the claims and the fact that the interviews were conducted by an “interested party” in a custody dispute the allegations made in the footage appear to be sincerely believed by the children of their own volition.
I hope these matters are dealt with by the Courts and would not seek to offer pre-judgement. However, after reading the documents, reading excerpts of the police interview with the children that supposedly “resolved” a “misunderstanding”, having read about these cases and the cover-ups from several places in the West in recent decades. I have no doubt that the original horrendous allegations the children made before the September 17th “debunk” interview are based in fact.
The stories the children tell of satanic blood orgies in churches that included murdered babies, are sadly familiar. These cults of evil are actually rather predominant in certain Western societies, it seems.
Given that many people seem to be having trouble coming to terms with these claims of cover up it seemed a good idea to recount some of the more famous and well documented cover ups of similar behaviour in recent times against the Hampstead story and to see whether these new allegations fit into a well established pattern of cover up, not just of child abuse, but more specifically these apparently elite satanic networks of procurers, abusers and blackmailers (influence peddlers may be a more accurate term). For some reason these type of groups have the ability to achieve very aggressive and complete cover-ups for their crimes.

Obvious Cover Ups that Show the Same pattern as Hampstead.

No.1. The “Finders” group members arrested in Tallahasee on February 4th, 1987.

Right at the start of the “Franklin Scandal” by Nick Bryant is a sub-story about a Cult called the “Finders” who were caught with a van-load of very young and severely abused children in Tallahassee during February 1987. Six children aged 3 to 6 were noticed behaving strangely by a concerned citizen who called the police. The children were malnourished and showed clear signs of sexual abuse. It turned out that the children were also not allowed to live inside and only fed as a reward. The group of eight people were living in a white 1979 Dodge van with Virginia plates.

Newspaper article about the Finders after seven years. Disgusted Law Enforcement Officers leaked the truth about the Finders and the CIA, the media had celebrities to interview, couldn’t find the time, other than this. Click to enlarge
Newspaper article about the Finders after seven years. Disgusted Law Enforcement Officers leaked the truth about the Finders and the CIA, the media had celebrities to interview, couldn’t find the time, other than this. Click to enlarge
Two well dressed men were arrested and charged with Felony child abuse. Special Agent Ramon Martinez of the US Customs Service was an investigator assigned to the case. Initially he and a Washington DC Police officer James Bradley made strong progress, receiving a tip off that referred specifically to ” ”blood rituals” sexual orgies involving children and an as yet unsolved murder in which the Finders may be involved.” (Franklin Scandal, Bryant Page 22) and also to two Washington DC warehouses the Finders used.
The warehouses were raided by the police and it seemed that the police had stumbled upon an industrial scale child kidnapping, abuse and trafficking operation. The Finders  collected intelligence on babysitters from the local papers. They collected intelligence on child care centres.  Photos showed the children and adults together dressed in sheets.

The photos depicted the slaughter, disembowelment, skinning and dismemberment of a goat by the children. Police also found jars where human waste was stored, both kinds, it seems they saved it to use in their “ceremonies”.
Special Agent Martinez was set to meet his DC colleague Bradley about one month into the investigation. Upon arrival at the meeting he was told it was cancelled, not the meeting, but the entire investigation! Martinez was “further advised… of circumstances that indicated that the Investigation into the activities of the Finders had become an internal CIA matter.”
Meanwhile in Tallahassee an identical scenario unfolded. “The Tallahassee Police dropped the case like a hot rock!” complained one Tallahassee Officer with knowledge of the case.The media coverage reveals an identical pattern to that seen in Hampstead and so many other places. The first wave of Law enforcement are honest, they take the claims seriously and begin to gather evidence, then magically days or weeks later a new policeman will take charge of the case and will completely backtrack, downplay and sabotage the investigation. On other occasions the same police will have an inexplicable mid-investigation “change of mind.”
In the case of the Finders, initial reports from the Tallahassee Police made mention of “clear signs of sexual abuse”, and “apparent satanism” connected to the abuse, a recurring combination. Six days after the original arrests, a new policeman arrived and now described the child kidnapping and rape cult as a “communal” group. There are “no signs” of sexual abuse suddenly nor of Satanism.

 Initially the felony charges were downgraded to misdemeanors. The men were released and all charges were quietly dropped six weeks later and incredibly the original six tiny, obviously abused children were returned to their tormentors!
The Finders was a protected CIA front and the whole thing became a total no go area immediately. This was a group acting with the approval of a US intelligence agency. They had approval for what they were doing, which was kidnapping and raping children…at best!! The allegations get much worse than mere child abduction and rape.

All these elements of satanism, child abuse and intelligence agency and media  protection are recurring across nations and continents over decades.

Obvious and proven child abuse cover up No.2. Belgium in the 1990’s. The so called Dutroux affair.

Michel Nihoul alleged puppetmaster behind Dutroux. Children were murdered during child abuse parties of which he was the host.
Michel Nihoul alleged puppetmaster behind Dutroux. Children were murdered during child abuse parties of which he was the host.
The same type of thing was discovered in Belgium during the 1990’s. The child rapist and sadistic murderer Marc Dutroux, was apparently supported by and consorting with “Secret state” elements in Belgian society and strenuous effort was made by the Belgian authorities to protect the paragon of evil Dutroux and the procurement operations he was running so that unnamed agencies could maintain their “leverage” over various “senior figures.”

When protecting Dutroux was no longer possible, he was hung  out to dry and all the efforts, extremely intense efforts were made to protect the men who ran Dutroux, his employers, men like Michel Nihoul who once boasted that,”my influence is as long as the Danube” implying that he was protected by very senior figures within the Belgian power structure.
This passage from Richard Cottrell’s “Gladio NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe” explains how the limited hangout is used to mask these operations when all else fails and someone must be punished. Often the procurer is punished while the broad network remains protected.
“When he (Dutroux)  was in trouble once again in 1996, it transpired key police officers knew he was snatching young female victims to order, who were then subjected to sadistic horrors practised in the dungeons of his slum dwellings scattered around Charleroi, or dragged around the vice circuit. But no one moved against him. As many later reports clearly established, his largely accidental exposure tipped the Belgian establishment into a tailspin. 

 At all costs it was essential to divert the public gaze away from the paedophile network organised around Nihoul, the ringmaster, and beam the spotlight instead on Dutroux, who would act the sacrificial scapegoat. This much became blatantly obvious as the glacial Belgian legal system dragged its heels ever more slowly. The trial was a grotesque charade. Vital evidence, especially any that pointed to Nihoul, was lost or stifled before it came to court. The initial investigating magistrate, Jean-Marc Connerotte, was feted as a national hero when he personally rescued two more kidnapped victims from Dutroux’s cellars. 

Then, on the specious grounds of taking an informal meal with some of the victims’ families, he was dismissed from the case as ‘biased.’ When the trial finally began and Connerotte was summoned as a material witness, he railed against the bullet-proof cars required to protect him from the vengeance of the secret state.” (Gladio,Cottrell Page 320).
Regina Louf, Belgian abuse survivor, whistle-blower and murder witness. Denied justice even after being proven correct. Click to enlarge
Regina Louf, Belgian abuse survivor, whistle-blower and murder witness. Denied justice even after being proven correct. Click to enlarge

Of special relevance to the Hampstead matter is the story of Regina Louf, a young Belgian abuse victim who the authorities desperately tried to debunk after she made claims of being witness to horrendous acts during elite child abuse parties. Regina Louf was written off as a fantasist but was proven to be telling the truth after the body of a murder victim was found in identical circumstances to her description of the place and manner of death.
The account of the case from “Gladio-NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe” (page 320) is also worth quoting:
“Regina Louf who came forward to testify she had seen her closest girlfriend murdered at one of Nihoul’s wretched parties, was traduced by official spinners and investigating magistrates as an insane liar.[59] The police interrogating team was sacked and replaced by another, which tossed out all her charges. Another side of the same force raided a decrepit mushroom farm specified by Louf and found the dead girl’s remains in exactly the circumstances she described, roped and tied so that she asphyxiated herself during excruciating torture for the amusement of onlookers. It is hard to credit a political system with the slightest perception of civilisation when it refuses to bring the perpetrators of such a horror to justice, particularly when they are known to the authorities”

The account of the investigation of the Regina Louf claims mirrors the Hampstead and Finders pattern almost identically, It is eerie. When the first group of police do their job and get the “wrong answers’ new police must be brought in to get the “right answers”. Whenever these type of allegations are unveiled, they are absolutely “red hot” and every attempt is always made to at least get a “limited hang’ if worst comes to worst and the cover up can no longer proceed.

Belgium’s X-Files – An Olenka Frenkiel Investigation

Example No.3 of the obvious Cover up of Elite Child Abuse

The Franklin Scandal, the USA in the 1980s. Covered up into the 1990s.

Witness testimonies and Blanket denials standard tactics. Evidence and witnesses are destroyed.

If we look to the very well documented Franklin Scandal, one of the truly striking things is the extent to which the Nebraska and Federal Law Enforcement authorities went to intimidate the victims. Several victims were actually imprisoned for making allegations that were complete and proven truth and corroborated by more than a dozen other victims and witnesses.

Alisha Owen was sentenced to 25 years prison for refusing to change her story regarding the Franklin Scandal. Served four and a half years prison for telling the truth about powerful people in Nebraska.

Alisha Owen was sentenced to 25 years prison for refusing to change her story regarding the Franklin Scandal. Served four and a half years prison for telling the truth about powerful people in Nebraska.
Shamelessness, along with evil is a key characteristic of these people. When caught red handed for totally heinous crimes, most people would fold, would be ashamed, these people are completely the opposite. No matter how obvious their crimes, they deny and deny and deny and use their agents inside Law enforcement to meld reality to their lies. Alisha Owen was sexually abused as a minor by several prominent citizens of Franklin, Nebraska. Alisha Owen served almost half a decade in prison having received a 25 year sentence for perjury for refusing to retract her allegations of having been trafficked by Lawrence E. King and abused by prominent members of the Franklin community, including the local Chief of Police.
Gary Caradori murdered investigator of protected pedophiles in Nebraska.
Gary Caradori murdered investigator of protected pedophiles in Nebraska.

Gary Caradori was a prominent investigator employed by the Nebraska Legislature to investigate the claims. He conducted a series of detailed, lengthy and formal interviews with a series of victims. Caradori was former Law Enforcement, a trained Investigator and interviewer with such a high degree of credibility that he was employed by the Nebraska legislature. He was a prominent successful and respected member of the community.

The interviews were rock solid, he never coached a witness ever, he was an honest former cop doing an interview cop style. Gary Caradori did such a good job interviewing all the victims of the elite pedophile ring that dark elements in US Law Enforcement apparently chose to assassinate him, sabotaging his plane in Chicago was allegedly a task delegated to the Chicago FBI by their Nebraska brethren. Caradori’s young son also died in the “engineered” mid-air accident.
It was a very obvious assassination. Complete with the obligatory “disappearing briefcase” full of “knock out photographic evidence” according to Nick Bryant who is extremely meticulous. After they killed Gary Caradori the media went to work on his character, tried to paint the man as a “crank” who “badgered witnesses” towards a “predestined conclusion”. GQ magazine wrote a story after he was dead that described him as a “delusional investigator.” a claim of extraordinary mendacity even from the routinely evil commercial Western media.
The interviews Caradori conducted survived and it is absolutely clear that Caradori was the total opposite. He had never heard of this type of thing before and was astonished at what he discovered. Caradori’s interviews with Alisha Owen, Troy Boner and Paul Bonacci are embedded here. Even a brief look at any one of the interviews will make it absolutely clear that the man was completely down to earth and the nonsense spouted by (do they even still exist?) GQ was a deliberate attempt to discredit the overwhelming evidence Caradori accumulated.  (VN: So the question is who sits on the board of Directors of GQ and runs the operation?  Well, if its a publically traded company the board is suppose to be listed for public information for investing  purposes. Disclosure is important, but guess what I found?  Here, check it out for yourself. http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/board.asp?privcapId=7769204 )

Alisha Owen — Gary Caradori’s Interview

Troy Boner — Gary Caradori’s Interview

The destroy Caradori routine really did give new meaning to wickedness. But it worked, or at least delayed justice other than in history. The head pimp to the elite in Nebraska at that time was a fellow named Lawrence E King Jr. he procured children for the other local notables essentially and was also prolific in his personal abuse of young boys. He spent almost a decade in prison for embezzling money from the local Credit Union he ran. King was never prosecuted for his many well documented sex crimes against children.

Lawrence E King, the procurer and child pimp punished for financial crimes. His sexual crimes against children were well documented but it led to too many powerful people.
Lawrence E King, the procurer and child pimp punished for financial crimes. His sexual crimes against children were well documented but it led to too many powerful people.
King was kind of a big deal, supplying children to child abusers in several different areas in the United States. Singing the National Anthem at the yearly Republican party convention. Some of the children he pimped serviced clients in California, Colorado and Washington DC among other spots. King had connections in the prestigious Nebraska boys institution called “Boys-town” he recruited many boys from there and when complaints were made to the Boys-town counselor, he not only covered them up but also proceeded to abuse the victims himself.
Paul Bonacci, victim of Lawrence E King Jr won a million dollar judgement. Sent to Washington DC to work as a child prostitute. Witness to murder.
Paul Bonacci, victim of Lawrence E King Jr won a million dollar judgement. Sent to Washington DC to work as a child prostitute. Witness to murder.

Paul Bonacci won against Lawrence King in a Civil Court.

Paul Bonacci was one of the younger children that Larry King trafficked and abused, he was only eight years old when it started and was therefore a more highly sought after “product “ than the fourteen and fifteen years olds who were the majority of King’s stable of child prostitutes. This saw Bonacci for example as the only Franklin victim trafficked in Washington DC. Bonacci thus saw more of the network and a more extreme end than the other Franklin victims.
Only Bonacci of the major Franklin witnesses/victims actually managed to achieve a legal victory in a US court when in 1999 a Civil Court found that King had trafficked and abused him, he was a truthful witness and awarded Bonacci a million dollars in damages, none of which he actually received. Lawrence King was a  depraved abuser of young boys and girls himself in addition to his procurement role. (There are “beyond credible’ allegations from the 100% no doubt murdered witness and victim Troy Boner, that King violently raped a boy of around ten who was seen to be bleeding afterwards)

Paul Bonacci: THE MURDER -[1985]- GRAPHIC!–!WARNING![![p.4 -subtitled]

Investigator Gary Caradori’s Interview of Child Sex Slave Victim Paul Bonacci

Paul Bonacci has told the story of the time he was present at a child sex abuse party where a young boy was murdered. The video depicts a clearly honest and severely traumatised young man and is very upsetting. It’s almost like you have to harden your heart to even be able to look upon these crimes, to hear the stories. This is not uncommon. Because the major media are either in denial or complicit in the cover up of these operations and often sensationalise the claims when they air them, people have no idea it is actually true.


Hampstead Allegations Sound All Too Familiar.

History Shows a Clear Pattern of Outright Lies.

The History of the Dutroux affair and of Franklin,Tallahassee, Washington DC, Westminster, Portugal; and many other places tells us that every possible attempt will be made to deny and cover up these crimes. A small industry of people exist in order to tell people that “these sort of things don’t happen, it was a false memory” etc. Yet when you look at the known facts in Belgium, in Franklin, in Westminster, it is perfectly clear that there has been a consistent pattern of cover up and massive attempts to discredit honest victims for decades.
If you read the Pedocracy by Dave McGowan, he painstakingly goes through these cases and looks at the evidence, in the Presidio case, in cases where the cover up supposedly succeeded. It is perfectly clear that there is no pattern of fabricated claims on this matter, entirely the opposite. The cover-up is the rule. At certain times people will be convicted of their crimes in relation to these incidents, such as Dutroux, but the existence of the network is never, ever admitted.
If we look at the dark history of the West, in Dolphin Square, in Washington DC, in Belgium with the studied disinterest in Law enforcement in Dutroux for years as he murdered and tortured minors. If the recent history of the West is examined, the Hampstead allegations do not sound outlandish at all, in fact these cases are sadly familiar to even a relative novice in this area such as myself.

The Gulf speaks the silent truth.

One of the ways to try and understand whether a cover up is taking place is to examine the investigation that has taken place and then compare that with what a sincere investigation would look like and the gap between the two, in this case a vast yawning gulf, speaks the truth.
If the children’s video interviews were troubling somewhat due to their being conducted by a party to a custody battle, all doubt was erased by the way the police interview of September 17th proceeded. The police officer conducting the interview appeared to find the allegations so unbelievable that he set out to debunk them as quickly as possible. That is the innocent explanation.
The problem with the interview is very profound and revealing. The police officer showed no intent whatsoever to discover the truth, quite the opposite. The interviewing officer behaved identically to a man sent out to ‘end it and make it all go away, get them to retract”. He actually coached them that they were coached, in an awesome display of hypocrisy and dishonesty.This was quite outrageous in my opinion. It ended all doubt for me. Here is a short excerpt from
Extracts of EXPERT Statements re Police Videos and Investigation.pdf
“When asked by Steve “we talked in two other interviews…was what you told me the truth?” Gabriel responds “yeah” Steve replies “so all that stuff about the babies, and the church and all that” Gabriel replies “no, well the babies, the babies…there is some of the babies killed yeah” are you sure “yeah, but not much, not every single day…”

This passage is completely transparent. The interviewing officer asks the child if the allegations previously made were correct. The child answers yes, so instead of further questioning to elicit corroborating details, the police officer straight out badgers the child, and being a child he half relents at the first attempt to badger him, stating, “well not every day.” sticking to his story but attempting to please the police officer. So when the badgering continues and the child folds it is completely predictable and has no bearing on the truth of the allegations. It is evidence of a cover-up, pure and simple.

 A person seeking the truth would question in a completely different manner.You don’t even ask them about the allegations. They should be asked a series of very easy open questions at the start and not pushed to even talk about the allegations at all.
Once the abuse is mentioned, then you have to ask specific questions. about the details of the event.
This is how you get people to tell you what they know and then test how much of their story fits with the known and corroborated facts.
If these allegations were properly investigated there is a strong likelihood that further forensic evidence can be collected that would corroborate the children’s claims.
The obvious example of this relates to the allegations of murder. Where did these crimes take place? It has to be in London, if this happened it happened inside a room in London and it should be possible to identify the room. It should be possible to search the scene for microscopic blood remnants and other indications of violence at the scene. If the area has been subjected to an inexplicable industrial cleaning recently, the evidence may have been destroyed but there would still be a degree of corroboration there.
There are multiple investigative streams that have not been pursued and after all the known and proven cover ups of these matters in Britain and elsewhere, that is really unforgivable.
You don’t get a young child in the room and then immediately start suggesting the story they previously told was made up. It is simply not how it’s done, unless you are conducting a cover up.

 My understanding is that there is abundant physical evidence that proves that the children have been abused by someone, so the whole line of questioning and approach appear to be fraudulent. I also considered that there would be no need or purpose to make such extreme allegations in order to win a custody battle. These allegations do not help win a custody battle, quite the opposite.

More importantly,  you would not coach someone to tell a story like that to win a custody battle, serious criminal allegations such as murder only complicate things. The same goes for all the allegations about the school. There are too many details that can be checked that appear not to have been checked.

One of the things people may find the most unbelievable are the stories of the murders. I would not comment specifically other than to say they have a high degree of veracity in my opinion and this deserves a serious large scale police investigation right now. A Major Task Force, dozens of Detectives working thousands of hours if necessary. If these stories turn out to be somehow confused or incorrect, let the world know, show the world the exonerating evidence, not some “instant debunk” travesty as we appear to have seen in the Police interview of September 17th. 2014.
We know that horrendous crimes committed against children in the past, in the fairly recent past in the UK, have been covered up. This is the whole point of the Investigation that was set up by the British Home Secretary that has reached it’s third incarnation and gone nowhere in more than a year. It is worth remembering that the police unit investigating the historical Westminster claims are investigating at least three homicides related to protected child abusers during the 1980s. Not that the two very different cases should be conflated.
Therefore, given the gravity and apparent credibility of the allegations one troubling police interview is simply not going to suffice. The specific allegations need to be investigated in detail and prosecuted if they (as seems almost completely certain) turn out to be true.
The effort to expose the crimes in Hampstead has been an heroic one and the personal cost to several people involved in this case has already been immense.
The interviews Caradori conducted in a completely professional manner were alleged to have been entirely coached. This is a common place tactic in these cases, no matter how ridiculous.  It was a complete lie but they said it. This points to the problem with the Hampstead videos, they appear to convey and contain the truth but because of the relatively informal nature of the interviews, and more importantly the personal connection of the interviewer to the case, from a legal standpoint they are going to be very easily discounted.
These interviews, regardless of the truth of the allegations therein are not going to be particularly helpful in a criminal prosecution.This is not intended to criticise the interviewer but merely as a statement of fact. The perpetrators will deny to the last so the accounts need to be recorded by a neutral third party who cannot be accused of bias or coaching as soon as possible.
Ideally there should be fresh police interviews of the victims in order to get as detailed an account as possible to check against the known facts. If the police are unwilling to conduct fresh interviews, another neutral party should have the opportunity to ask the children what has happened in detail so that the allegations can be detailed in a neutral environment to an independent third party and corroborative background facts can be properly checked.
Someone needs to get these children on tape at length telling their stories and checking that against the known facts such as the medical reports and action must be taken. Someone has committed a crime here and the police are not going to be able to simply walk away from these allegations on the basis of the inexplicably unprofessional approach taken in the September 17th interview. The days of the simple one step “fob off” cover up are well and truly over.

Un-Aired Discovery Channel Documentary Conspiracy of Silence. Pedophilia in high places.

Full Story of Kids Whistleblowing Satanic Sex Cult in Hampstead London UK

Sabine Kurjo McNeill | Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy

Caradori’s Airplane ‘Broke Up in Flight’ – July 12, 1990 – Omaha World-Herald
The Franklin Scandal — A Story of Powerbrokers Child Abuse & Betrayal, by Nick Bryant
Anonymous Leaks Satanic Cult Member Names, Places, Phone #s | Veterans Today
The People’s History: The Franklin Scandal: The Elite Child Abuse Ring in Nebraska
Jeb Bush and the Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal in 1986: Wayne Madsen: the FBI murdered Franklin pedophile ring investigator Gary Caradori on July 11, 1990 by putting a Bomb on Caradori’s plane

 Google translation of the French Michel Nihoul Wikipedia page.
:Michel Nihoul (Verviers, April 23, 1941) is a Belgian businessman and swindler from Brussels. In 2004 he has been tried as an alleged member of the gang of Marc Dutroux.

In the seventies and eighties is Nihoul in Brussels known as a frequent visitor to sex parties. He seems to know many senior figures in politics and business. He is also active as a radio producer, DJ and presenter at the free radio “Radio Activit├ęs”. In between, he was sentenced several times in fraud cases.

About his part in the activities of Dutroux is far from clear. Initially, he is seen as a gang leader. Later, his role minimized by both researchers and media. It also will not change as Regina Louf makes incriminating statements against him.
At the start of the Dutroux trial is whether Nihoul only a swindler and drug trafficker who “accidentally” did with Dutroux affairs, or that he was the central figure in a pedophile network. He is on trial for conspiracy, kidnapping and drug trafficking. He always boasted that “his arm was as long as the Danube”, referring to its relations to the highest circles of the country.
Nihoul denies any involvement in the kidnappings. He would indeed have sold drugs to Dutroux and Michel Lelievre, but would have done on behalf of the state police to infiltrate the gang – something he denied earlier though.
Nihoul was eventually acquitted of involvement in the kidnapping and only convicted of drug offenses and conspiracy. It earned him five years of imprisonment. In the spring of 2006, he was released early. He settled in Zeebrugge, where he still resides. Three years after the process creates a stir when he is playing in the reconstruction of scenes from the Dutroux case in the TV program Dossier noir of February 18, 2007 at the French-speaking channel RTBF. [1]
Nihoul was on May 20, 2010 from prosecution stated in the by-file of the Dutroux case, after which he immediately 250,000 compensation demanded by Marc Verwilghen, the chairman of the parliamentary inquiry Dutroux. [2] [3] The final judgment on this claim was in December 2011, with the requirement of Nihoul was rejected. [4]

Annie Bouty
Nihoul’s ex-partner and second wife, Annie Bouty, also long been suspected of involvement in criminal activities. Nihoul and Bouty met each other in 1975. She had a private law firm and was co-founder of Cadreco, a firm legal assistance granted to an arms dealer who supplied the Iranian ayatollahs for $ 83 million missiles. [Source?] She also gave false passports to illegal Nigerian prostitutes in Belgium. [Source ?] Bouty was also suspected of involvement in the Dutroux case, but was eventually acquitted.”

15 01 09 HHJ Richards Family Court.pdf
15 01 22 Acknowledgment of Service.pdf
Extracts of EXPERT Statements re Police Videos and Investigation.pdf
15 02 15 Chronology.pdf
The Pedophocracy by David McGowan
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Rh Negative Eye Colours

Vatic Note:   Its easy to identify an RH neg person, because if they have the two alleles from their parents,, they will be designated RH neg which is a recessive gene,  but if they have one allele from one parent who is RH neg and one allele from the other parent that is RH positive, then they will be designated positive because its the dominant designation for the RH designation.

Its amazing how accurate this is, and I am starting to put a serious picture together about all this.  First of all, I can tell when someone has the one allele by their eye color.   Once I found out how accurate I was, I then remembered that the government is tracking RH negs,  so then I had to find out if they are also tracking those with just one allele and then I had to understand just how far back this goes, why was the government so interested in us and why was Hitler preoccupied by the blue eyed, blond hair Nazarenes who migrated into northern Europe.

What is it about the RH negs that so obssessed him?  Well, if you accept there are alien high breds here that  are as stated by the Sumarians,  the 5 books of Enoch, and the fact that God "translated" Enoch who did not have to die to rise up into heaven,k along with an entire town,   then it becomes clear that there is a connection between the RH factor and the alien breeding program, which I am confident about given all the proven facts.  That is where the certainty ends.  Now comes the speculation.

What else do we know as a fact?   We know that Hitler was preoccupied with the Aryan race, but the question is "What was the REAL REASON he was so preoccupied, and what was he doing about it?"
That question we have answered in depth on here before, but just to remind you,  he believed aliens were here, mated with man, and left offspring highbreds behind and the real objective of the khazars was to eliminate the aryan race and pretend it was only related to Christianity, which many RH negs are.   So who are these khazars?   They are the ashkenazi Jews who constitute a majority of those who "CALL THEMSELVES" Jews, but are not, they are khazars and have zero connection to the real Jewish people of the Bible, instead they are the offspring of Cain and Esau, called canaanites and edomites. They are NOT of the 12 tribes of Israel.  They lack a conscience, a  moral core, and have no obligation or caring for anyone but themselves and that is why and how they became sociopaths/psychopaths.

Remember, God created them on the first go round, in Genesis Cptr 1, verse 26, but did not blow into their nostrils and then instructed the children of the twelve tribes to kill all the canaanites.  Check it out, its in there,   and then he created Adam and Eve after he finished the rest of creation AND BLEW HIS BREATH INTO THEIR NOSTRILS.  I believe that gave them a soul, while the others never received such from God. We have covered this in depth.   Its that Blowing into their nostrils that has the evil ones fearful and obsessive with these RH negs.

This below gives you indicators of how to tell is someone has at least one allele of a chromosome of the RH negative blood.  I have guessed people accurately who have asked "How did you know".  Our salvation as a nation, as Christians and Muslims, as well as Judaens, real ones, rest upon the RH negs for their powers to over come these evil ones.  So hang in there and get together with others to "think" these people away.   Some are doing that and its working already to a small degree, we need more to part take and contribute.

Rh Negative Eye Colours
By Admin,  RH Negative Blood Secrets,   January 15, 2013

Rh Negative Eye Colours

It is said that eyes can never lie, that when you look into someone's eyes you can see their true spirit. There are so many different colours and shades of eyes but Rh negatives do tend to have lighter eyes in general. They also tend to have mood eyes - changing colour depending on their mood and what they are wearing.

I decided to a survey to find out the most popular eye colours in Rh negatives and then a survey out in the public where anyone could answer.

Because all eye colours are made up from brown and blue, and the colour in between those is green I decided to make the survey more fair we should group certain shades in to one of these three groups, as follows:

Brown Eyes - Amber, Black.
Green Eyes - Hazel, Olive.
Blue Eyes - Grey, Violet.

Here are the results within the Rh negative study group.

Chart Created by & © Copyright Tia L Douglass 2012 All Rights Reserved
As you can see in the Rh negative study group green is the highest, closely followed by blue and brown is the lowest. This points to the original Rh negatives having blue eyes. Brown is the dominant eye colour which normally over rides any other colour, then green, then blue. Seeing as blue is so high here it shows that those with Rh negative genes do carry the blue eyed gene strongly, as all green eyed people also carry it.

Here is the chart for the general public results, within Europe, Scandinavia, America and Australia.
Chart Created by & © Copyright Tia L Douglass 2012 All Rights Reserved
These results are harder to get a good picture from because it isn't a worldwide survey and seeing as the vast majority of the world has brown eyes. However this is including areas with the highest number of blue eyes.

What is interesting is how people seem to think that green eyes are rare, however there are lot of places in the world where the people have green eyes, and these areas show where our ancient bloodline families have visited the most, as the genes are still strong there, because as I said, all people with green eyes carry the blue eyed genes. Obviously after time an area left behind will slowly lose all green and blue eyes completely, so long as people are breeding with people with brown eyes, as they are the dominant genes.

We all have the same two eye colour genes. What gives us different eye colours are which variations of these genes we have.

One of these genes is called HERC2. It comes in two variations, brown and blue. The other gene, called gey, also comes in two versions -- green and blue.

Your eye colour depends on which combination of these versions you have as shown below:

So you can see how difficult it is for someone to have green or blue eyes, especially blue.

Chart Created by & © Copyright Tia L Douglass 2012 All Rights Reserved
Here is a map of all the places in the world where people carry the green eyed gene.
Most of the other areas are all brown eyed areas completely, with only Europe, Scandinavia, America, Russia and Australia having some blue eyes.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


Vatic Note:  As you know, who read us regularly, we attempt to always find ways and recommendations for how to fight our enemy.  This is just another example of ways to confront and to do so under certain preferred conditions.  So please take the time to read it.  I also highly recommend you read part 1 first for laying the foundation for this part 2.

I also wanted to take the time to tell you how I cured my leg of massive swelling, painful arthritis in the knee and a torn cartilage in the same knee.  Spiritually and in line with this,  I spoke to my DNA and asked it to repair my knee and I kept doing so using a mantra.  It took 48 hours to cure what was definitely going to be an operation on my leg.   

Its been 9 months now, and no reoccurance, so we know or I know that the power is out here and all we have to do is tap into it for good and righteous reasons.   It cannot be for ego, or any other secular and ego reason or it won't work.   That is why part 1 is so important before getting into this part 2.  If you read it already, then simply revisit and refresh and then read this.   

By Admin,  Hermes Press

Fenelon, Spiritual Progress

"The only method of effecting unity, is inward recollection, by which the soul is turned wholly and altogether inward, to possess a present God. If it direct all its vigor and energy within, this simple act separates it from the senses, and, employing all its powers internally, it renders them faint; and the nearer it draws to God, the farther is it separated from self."
Overcoming One's Opponent By Utilizing His Weakness 
Perennialist teachers instruct initiates in a form of spiritual "judo:" the art and practice of using an opponent's weaknesses--or supposed strengths--to overcome or transform him. What is unique to this art is that we don't use brute strength to overpower an opponent, but rather skill, finesse, timing, flexibility, and adapting appropriately to changing circumstances. Economy of energy, balance, and grace are the outstanding hallmarks of the expert practitioner. Unlike the old Western gunslinger or the barbaric hand-to-hand fighter, the Perennialist "combatant" is soft and pliable, winning by appearing to yield.
      Perennialist warrior-trainees first develop a comprehensive understanding of what kind of "warfare" they're engaged in: not a personal vendetta, a "one-upmanship" contest, or combat to prove who's most intelligent, brave, or powerful.

"Imagine if you can a world in which truth is one general and something we will call blindness is the opposing general. These two simple factors one must choose between. There are no neutrals. We are frankly for or against and hold our positions by the force of the effort we put forth. The great struggle is not only to conquer our opposing forces, but to reclaim and form them into fighters for the truth."              
Betty and Stewart Edward White, The Betty Book

      Perennialist "judo" involves learning how to use physical, psychic, and spiritual energy. An opponent attacking you is directing his energy toward defeating or destroying you. If you counterattack you're imposing your body energy against the oncoming thrust. 

Spiritual combat redirects your opponent's energy instead of meeting force with force. As the attacker pushes against you, he finds you stepping to the side and allowing (often with the aid of a foot to trip him up) his momentum to throw him forward. Perennialist warfare requires you to be like a tree that bends to the wind instead of resisting unyieldingly and being uprooted and blown down.  

"A strong wind may destroy a sturdy tree; but the willow bends and the wind passes through."

Gichin Funakoshi

Spiritual "judo" involves the control of aggression without inflicting injury. In some instances this is titled the "Art of Peace." One of the main procedures involves the use of precisely the amount of energy required to overcome an opponent--and no more. Whenever possible the antagonist's own energy momentum is used to overcome him, saving one's own force for times when it is necessary. Through comprehensive understanding of one's opponent's strengths and weaknesses, it becomes clear that such elements as anger, resentment, fear, and revenge are counterproductive means of squandering personal energy.

"The first application of wisdom is to accept opposition so in its entirety, so completely, that thereafter not one speck of attention power is ever wasted on it, except for the intellectual appraisement of its strength and the planning for control of its effect.

"One of the most fundamental things about all the obstructive refuse you have to contend with, is that it has released its relationship with the ultimate source of life, and is cooling off and dying of decomposition. Once you realize and understand this, thoroughly, you will never be tempted to lose hope and give in. For with this engraved on your mind, it is impossible to entertain personal antagonism: you know too well the reason for things being the way they are. And once above personal antagonism, and aware of your own free power of relationship with the source, you find the way cleared for the bringing in of the fresh, healthy, over-laying material."

Stewart Edward and Betty White, Across the Unknown
Instead of a head-on attack, the Perennialist warrior uses more subtle, sometimes indirect, methods, including satire, humor, and allowing the opponent's own words and actions to betray or expose him.
The two cultural manifestations that most closely resemble the Perennialist tradition of spiritual warfare are the Western medieval custom of chivalry and gallantry and the Eastern systems of judo and aikido. Chivalry and gallantry represent the quality of mind enabling one to face danger or hardship resolutely: bravery, courage, dauntlessness, fearlessness, fortitude, gameness, heart, intrepidity, mettle, nerve, pluck, spirit, stoutheartedness, valiance, and valor.
Japanese polymath and educator Kano Jigoro (1860-1938) developed judo from his study of jujutsu and other martial arts.
The word "judo" means the philosophical and spiritual path (do) of gentleness and suppleness (ju). Kano viewed judo not as a means to display physical prowess or superiority, but a way to live in peace with other human beings. As an educational leader, Kano combined intellectual training, moral culture, and physical education. Kano's view of judo included two great guideposts: "Best use of one's energy" and "Mutual welfare." Kano designed judo as a way to develop harmoniously the intellectual, moral, and physical aspects of the education of young people.

"The principle of gentleness is explained in brief as follows. Victory over the opponent is achieved by giving way to the strength of the opponent, adapting to it and, taking advantage of it, turning it, in the end, to your advantage. "Here is an example. When a stronger man pushes me with all his might, I will be beaten if I simply go against him. If, instead of opposing his pushing, I retreat more than he pushes or turn aside the direction of his pushing, he naturally leans forward through his own pushing, and loses his balance. If utilizing his pushing strength, I apply a certain technique on him, it is quite easy to make him fall, as he is losing his balance. Sometimes he will fall merely, if I turn my body skillfully. This is one simple instance of how, by giving way, a contestant may defeat his opponent. Therein lies the principle of gentleness."

Kodokan (the "school to learn the way"), What is Judo, 1947
To complete the transition from jutsu (martial art) to do (way of life), Kano added a strict code of ethics and a humanitarian philosophy to his newly created system of judo. Instructors and students at Kano's school, the Kodokan, were expected to be outstanding examples of moral character and honest conduct. No one was allowed to engage in hand-to-hand combat outside of the dojo (practice hall), public demonstrations of judo for profit, or any behavior that might bring shame to the school. A single infraction of the rules resulted in suspension or expulsion from the Kodokan.

Kano's ultimate concern was for the well-being of the harmonized individual and of the entire community, reflected in his teaching methods and in judo's guiding principle of mutual benefit and prosperity. The diligent practice of Judo, Kano maintained, leads to the realization that one cannot progress at the expense of others, that mutual prosperity is the key to any real progress in human life. Kano regarded the diffusion of this principle, through the practice of judo, as his greatest mission in life.
Genuine judo, distinguished from the Olympic-style martial art system it has degenerated into, begins with teaching the participants to avoid physical injury. When I studied with a private judo master while pursuing graduate study at Yale University, the first thing he taught me was to slap the practice mat with my arm to break the fall.
Each participant helps to make sure that the other person does not experience physical pain or injury. Note in the image on the left that the person falling has his hand out ready to slap the mat to break his fall and the other participant is holding onto him to lessen his fall.
      In authentic judo and aikido, the purpose is to learn suppleness of thought and motion, not the physical overpowering of an opponent. Unfortunately, Kano's original system of judo--involving moral, spiritual, and physical learning--has largely been replaced by a ferocious martial arts scheme now more akin to jujutsu and karate.

"One who has attained mastery of an art reveals it in every action." Judo Maxim

Contemporary Examples of Psychic and Spiritual "Judo"
      In the current world, one of our formidable opponents is the demonic cabal and its minions, especially the Bush and Obama puppet juntas. We'll review several recent instances of psychic and spiritual "judo" that have been used to expose and discredit these opponents.

      On September 17, 2007, Greg Palast, an outstanding investigative reporter, carried out a psychic "judo" operation, exposing Bush II's surreal TV charade in which he got all emotional over the killing by Al Qaeda of "Sheik" Abu Risha, the purported leader of the new Sunni alliance with the US against the insurgents in Anbar Province, Iraq. Abu Risha was blown away just hours before Bush was to go on the air to praise his new friend.       Here's what Palast revealed about Bush's scam:

  1. Sheik Abu Risha wasn't a sheik.
  2. He wasn't killed by Al Qaeda.
  3. The new alliance with former insurgents in Anbar is as fake as the sheik - and a murderous deceit.
"Why was 'sheik' Abu Risha so important? As the New York Times put it this morning, 'Abu Risha had become a charismatic symbol of the security gains in Sunni areas that have become a cornerstone of American plans to keep large numbers of troops in Iraq though much of next year.'
"In other words, Abu Risha was the PR hook used to sell the 'success' of the surge.
"The sheik wasn't a sheik. He was a fake. While proclaiming . . . that he was 'the leader of all the Iraqi tribes,' Abu lead no one. But for a reported sum in the millions in cash for so-called, 'reconstruction contracts,' Abu Risha was willing to say he was Napoleon and Julius Caesar and do the hand-shakie thing with Bush on camera . . .
"There are some real sheiks in Anbar, like Ali Hathem of the dominant Dulaimi tribe, who told Rick [Palast's camera man] Abu Risha was a con man. Where was his tribe, this tribal leader? 'The Americans like to create characters like Disney cartoon heroes.' Then Ali Hathem added, 'Abu Risha is no longer welcome' in Anbar.
"'Not welcome' from a sheik in Anbar is roughly the same as a kiss on both cheeks from the capo di capi. Within days, when Abu Risha returned from Dubai to Dulaimi turf in Ramadi, Bush's hand-sheik was whacked.
"On Thursday, Bush said Abu Risha was killed, 'fighting Al Qaeda' - and the White House issued a statement that the sheik was 'killed by al Qaeda.'
"There ain't no Easter Bunny and 'Al Qaeda' ain't in Iraq, Mr. Bush. It was very cute, on the week of the September 11 memorials, to tie the death of your Anbar toy-boy to bin Laden's Saudi hijackers. But it's a lie. Yes, there is a group of berserkers who call themselves 'Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia.' But they have as much to do with the real Qaeda of bin Laden as a Rolling Stones 'tribute' band has to do with Mick Jagger."

      At times, simply displaying the images of the public relations swindles that the Bush junta pulled off was the best way to expose their perfidy. Since Bush's announcement of "mission accomplished," thousands of American service personnel have died in Iraq --so Bush's pals could steal their oil.

  The Perennialist "judo" operation below began with a person's inspiration that American citizens were not comprehending the treachery and depravity of the Bush junta and therefore weren't responding with appropriate outrage. Note that the title is "Ode to the People," not "Ode to Bush." In other words, it was not a direct, emotion-driven attack against a vile opponent but a stimulation of the people against enemies who are murdering them.

Ode to the People
Vulgar curses, jeers, stinging insults, cat-calls
Should erupt whenever the smirking con-man
Affronts our nostrils with his scurrilous lies,
Corruption, death-stench.

By Michelle Mairesse
Current Judo Operations Against the Obama Puppet Regime

      We allow the enormity of the false-flag terrorist attack against Americans on Christmas day, 2009 to reveal that the cabal and its Obama junta are murderous thugs.    The truth about Barack Obama being the Cabal con-man proves that he's merely a re-run and extension of the Bush junta's reign of terror.
<font face="BernhardMod BT">

Perennialists Use Spiritual Energy to Transform the World

      Philosophy, in Plato's time and ours, comes into being as the resistance of the soul to its destruction by a deranged world. Philosophy, as the continuing, most effective embodiment of the Perennial Tradition, possesses two distinct expressions:
  • A process of evoking the right Forms and their re-establishment in our souls and in our society, constituting a process of self-regeneration for ourselves and others
  • The organic development of the substantive core of a new commonwealth which, by its existence, overcomes and relieves the pressure of the surrounding corrupt society

Notes 1 The Perennial Tradition: the secret legacy, the single stream of initiatory teaching flowing through all the great schools of philosophy and mysticism; see the author's book: The Perennial Tradition
2 Hal Puthoff, Searching for the Universal Matrix in Metaphysics
3 Michael Talbot and David Bohm, The Holographic Universe
4 Carlos Castaneda, Journey to Ixtlan
5 Entrainment: An energy phenomenon in which weaker pulsations come under the influence of stronger ones.
6 "Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) is considered the father of psychoanalysis, which may be the granddaddy of all pseudoscientific psychotherapies, second only to Scientology as the champion purveyor of false and misleading claims about the mind, mental health, and mental illness. For example, in psychoanalysis schizophrenia and depression are not brain disorders, but narcissistic disorders. Autism and other brain disorders are not brain problems but mothering problems. These illnesses do not require pharmacological or behavioral treatment. They require only 'talk' therapy. Similar positions are taken for anorexia nervosa and Tourette's syndrome. (Hines 1990: 136) What is the scientific evidence for the psychoanalytic view of these mental illnesses and their proper treatment? There is none." The Skeptic's Dictionary
7 To get a clear view of what a morass of superstition and devastation psychoanalysis was--and is--I'd recommend your reading Wilhelm Reich's The Discovery of the Orgone.
7 Only classical music and some "popular music," such as that created by George Gershwin, Cole Porter, and others of a high quality can be considered to be enlightening. One has only to view the grammy awards to see that current "music" is not only nothing but noise but is destructive of the understanding and appreciation of genuine music.

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