American Ingenuity (Before Social Engineering Happened) and True Freedom, Created the Wood Stock Million People Event Against All Odds

Vatic Note:  I have put this story and videos up because I wanted to remind everyone, INCLUDING THE BAD GUYS, what America is all about.  We have overcome adversity, we have exhibited massive ingenuity that the evil ones do not have, due to their lack of soul and creativity.  Are we dumb?  Yes, in some ways.   We believe everyone is like we are, but now we are learning that is not the case.  Those we trusted have finally proven they are psychos and totally untrustworthy, so we are finally coming to terms with that fact, which means we are smartening up a lot.  Finally, listen, CAREFULLY, to the first video.

He tells us that this is a perfect example of what people can do when they come together with love in their hearts and a respect and caring for each other.   All those quarter million attendees of that event worked together to help each other out and there were NO POLICE, NO PROBLEMS, NO VIOLENCE, NO HARM TO ANYONE for the entire time they were there.  No one asked what their religion, race, or culture was.  We came together as Americans. 

If we remember and think about what we are capable of doing under the most extreme conditions, then we know we can and must and will prevail.   Our entire existance as humanity is at stake.  Who we are, is under threat, and who we can become is at risk.  We must commit to our own existence and processes and pass them onto our offspring.   Look at the society of the evil Cabal doing this harm to the globe and our nation.  They are violent, they raise their children in Mind destroying pedophilia, in hatred of other races and cultures,  and most of all in fear about an event that the Zionists made happen, which produces adults just like them.  WE DO NOT WANT THAT HERE ANYMORE. GO BACK TO YOUR HOME WITH YOUR MENTAL ILLNESSES AND PASS THEM ONTO YOUR CHILDREN,  NOT OURS. 

We need another woodstock.  It also showed what wealthy people can do that financed this and lost their shirts.  They were paid by 120,000 attendees and over a quarter million showed up and didn't pay.  That is called "corporate citizenship", where the company adds to society rather than undermining and trying to destroy it.   These money people put themselves out there financially and gave us something that is priceless.  What a gift to humanity and I might also add, a gift to the music world. Don't forget, music is food for the soul and feeds the spirit or it will die as the evil ones have proven since they are the walking dead. 

So absorb all of this and understand what we can do when we set our minds to it.  We must over come the social engineering that the mafia cabal of khazar zionists have laid over our society and go back to being who we were before they came into our lives.  If we do that, WE WILL PREVAIL.  NO WORLD WAR III AGAINST ANYONE, except those that are pushing for it.   When is the next Bilderberg meeting???? Wouldn't it be great if Rothschild and/or Bildebergs had to borrow money to fight a world war.  Ironic would be the proper word for it.

Inside Woodstock With Organiser Michael Lang
By Ross Bennett,  Mojo 4 music,  

Michael Lang Woodstock Interview

From head shop owner to co-creator of the greatest music festival in history, the cool, calm and collected Michael Lang cemented his place in rock legend as soon as the late Richie Havens stepped out onto the stage at the first Woodstock Music & Arts Festival. 44 years on, he remains the keeper of the Woodstock flame. Here are some of his memories of that rainy weekend in August 1969…

It’s the summer of 1969. There’s less than a month to go before the festival is due to begin. What would you have been doing

Let me see… we’d pretty much finished booking the bands. I think we were in the midst of dealing with endless building permits, which were actually the only permits we were required to have. Stage construction was the main priority. The scaffolding had been delivered and we were starting to build the kids’ park, clear the woods and put roads in.

I remember desperately trying to get the phone lines eight miles down the track to the site. We’d taken over a motel in Bethel called the El Monaco [rather sadly, it now looks like this…] and I think we were just getting our trailers installed behind the stage. We were trying to finish a four-month job in a month. There were 300 of us on 24/7 duty.

The previous year you’d produced the Miami Pop festival so you’d already had experience of rock event organisation. What did you learn from that weekend?

Miami Pop was held at a fixed facility. At Woodstock, we were building a city from scratch. Nobody had ever built a place like this, except maybe the Army Corps Of Engineers. And they refused to talk to us. The six months leading up to the festival were really spent learning how to deal with big crowds – bear in mind we’d already planned for 200,000. So we were calculating food, garbage, water… the sound system! It was really a case of make it up as you go along.

 There were thousands of feet of water pipe that had to be laid, we had to dig wells, install filtration systems and build the fence… that obviously never got finished! But what I did take from Miami was a look and a feeling of what we wanted to present. We wanted people to arrive and be met with a sight beyond their imagination. That aesthetic was applied to the structures, the banners, the colours, to the parks, to everything. All that needed to fit into a schedule that would allow us to complete by August 15.
“We were building a city from scratch.”

Describe Woodstock and Upstate New York in the late ’60s…

Woodstock was a music and arts community from the very beginning. I guess it was when Albert Grossman moved up here in the early ’60s. He was then followed by Dylan and several other contemporary musicians. I became friends with The Band and with Bob, with Paul Butterfield, Tim Hardin and Richie Havens. Hendrix had moved up that year. For the most part, it was rural country and our site at Bethel was situated on a pristine piece of alfalfa field that backed onto a beautiful lake. An incredibly bucolic, peaceful place.

And then you entered the second week of August…

There were 50,000 people on site by the Tuesday. By that point, we’d finally managed to get word of our pre-sale figures. It turned out we’d sold over 100,000 tickets in advance. We knew we were in for a major, major influx of people. The Hog Farm [collective led by hippie clown Wavy Gravy] all arrived early and started working on the camping grounds. We had people working on the fence… there was a lot of fence. But frankly the priority for me was to get an infrastructure in place that could support life. I don’t think I was a wanted man yet, but as soon as we began building without permits there was a warrant put out for my arrest so I had to submerge myself into the Hog Farm. It was pretty easy… I looked like everybody else!

Michael Wadleigh's Woodstock (1970)
Poster for Michael Wadleigh’s Woodstock movie.

In today’s world of social networking and mobile phones word spreads like wildfire, but in 1969 things were obviously very different…

Losing our first site at Wallkill had a lot to do with it. We lost Wallkill on the 14th July and I met Max [Yasgur] on the 15th. That was a miracle in itself. The press had picked up on the furore surrounding the Wallkill move and when we regained our footing in Bethel the papers and radio stations once again began to report our every move.

How did you feel when Richie Havens finally opened the festival on Friday?

It was a relief that after this 10-month adventure, we were finally up and running. And the sound system worked! From that moment, it was a case of strapping yourself in for the ride. Richie had this wonderful touch and an intuitive understanding of what to say and what to sing. Tim Hardin had been slated to be first on, but he’d been fighting a heroin habit at the time and was taking methadone, so he was in pretty bad shape. He just wasn’t prepared to go on first in front of 300,000 people.


Why do you think people like John Sebastian and Country Joe MacDonald connected so well with the crowd?

Well, firstly I think that everyone just got it. But the bands of that era were so intertwined with the counterculture movement that they simply reflected the wishes and concerns of the audience. We were all cut from the same cloth – all of us. But people like Richie, Country Joe and John Sebastian came from the folk scene. They were all used to sitting around coffeehouses communicating with people directly and they just brought it to the stage at Woodstock.

For most people, the reality of Woodstock is Michael Wadleigh’s film. What was your reaction when you saw it for the first time back in 1971?

I thought, and still think, it’s terrific. Michael did a great, great job of transferring what was happening on the ground to the movie theatre. The music selections he made and the documentary footage gave a real authentic representation of what went on that weekend. When I first saw it, I felt like I had experienced the whole thing again.

Was there any point during the weekend when you thought a large-scale disaster loomed?

No. I’m a really positive person and when things get weird I tend to become very calm, so I maintained a fairly even keel throughout the whole event.

Describe the backstage compound…

Everybody was just hanging out. Usually at festivals these days, a band will arrive, play their gig and leave. At Woodstock, pretty much every band and performer hung out for the entire weekend. All the artists were curious about each other and it was a chance for them to really spend some time together. The side of the stage was always packed with people watching each other.
“The energy created between Sly Stone and the audience was something I’d never seen before and never experienced since.”

What were your personal musical highlights?

There were so many. Richie [Havens], Joe MacDonald doing the Fish Cheer [ie. “F-U-C-K!”], Jimi Hendrix’s set at the end. His Star Spangled Banner echoed all our thoughts. CSNY were incredible. Introducing Santana to the world was a thrill. Joe Cocker played an amazing set. But if I had to pick a real highlight it would be Sly And The Family Stone doing I Want To Take You Higher. The energy created between Sly and the audience was something I’d never seen before and never experienced since. It was like a southern revival meeting but with a congregation of half a million all involved in the call and response.





Most of the bands came away from Woodstock having had a positive experience. But there were a few that, at the time, didn’t look on it quite so favourably. The Who and The Grateful Dead…

Well, peace and love weren’t really part of The Who’s mantra, but they were such an amazing live act we thought it would be wonderful to have them. Pete [Townshend] had an attitude throughout the entire thing. He was talked into doing it by [production co-ordinator] John Morris, just as the band were finishing a tour in the States and were looking forward to going home. But since then, Pete has told me that it was one of the most amazing shows of their lives. The Grateful Dead thought the whole thing was a great experience and they all hung out for the entire weekend. They did, however, hate their performance.

(VN: here is a link to get a more comprehensive treatment of all the acts that performed there as well as a lot more detail on the entire event.  Its worth a look see.   After all, it did make history and will always be in our lexicon..... Woodstock meant something about a short era in American history, especially of the young people.  The foreign controlled police state ended it all when they had John Lennon murdered by a mind controlled subject that they created.)

And there were certain financial difficulties that arose…

Both bands wanted cash before they went on. I explained to them that we had no cash, but we could give them a cheque at the end of the weekend. Looking back, I probably could have got the money for them, but then if I did, what was to stop everyone else wanting the same treatment? This was a really, really big fear of mine that I didn’t express to anyone at the time. So I told them that I would make an announcement that they didn’t want to play and we’d move on. Eventually, my partner Joel [Rosenman] had to get the banker out of bed in the middle of the night to get them the money.
“I spent an afternoon with Dylan trying to encourage him to drop by.”

Was there anyone that you really wanted who didn’t make it on to the bill?

Well, I didn’t try to book Dylan because I thought it would completely alter the dynamic of the festival. But I did want him to be a part of it in some way and I spent an afternoon talking to him about it, trying to encourage him to drop by. I think I would have taken the same approach to Lennon. I wanted John Lennon very badly, but I don’t think I would have announced that he was going to play. And the Stones… they were just too big. Not that Jimi Hendrix wasn’t a big act, but he felt more of a part of our culture at that time. The Stones would have overshadowed the rest of the bill.

The further we get away from Woodstock, the more amazing it seems that the whole thing didn’t collapse into a life-threatening catastrophe. What was your secret?

I think a lot of the success had to do with our planning. We’d done a lot of groundwork. I’d been to a whole bunch of shows that year and noticed violent undercurrents particularly when it came to people without tickets wanting to get in for free. We wanted to ensure that anybody that came to our event was welcomed. Of course, in the original plan we had gates and tickets booths!

But we also had free kitchens, free stages, free camping grounds. We had collectives like the Hog Farm who helped kids from the city who had never been to the country. They all encouraged people to share and help each other. Woodstock wasn’t a mainstream festival. The counterculture was heading to an event run by their own. We just avoided the silly confrontations that stupid rules can create.

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Were the Criminal Mafia Bushes Involved in the Death of Bob Marley? Earning their Bones??

Vatic Note:  I have never ever trusted George HW Bush even way back when.  I was a very young woman when JFK was killed.   I had met JFK, he talked with me, shook my hand and gave me a pat on my shoulder for all the work I had done for him during his campaign.   I will never forget the time and effort he took to reach me and thank me for my work.  I was an impressionable young woman of only 16, so you can imagine how devastating to me his death was, especially the method.

He was that kind of a caring and high integrity man.  He had his flaws as we all do, but compared to the past 20 years, he was volumes above all Presidents since his death.  His death was the down side of the quality of our leaders and it has just gotten worse as we have seen.   Bush Sr, did more than just assassinate a President, he killed a nation, if we allow it and I am sure, that he is very proud of that fact.  By the way, he is an infiltrated nazi, and his real name is Sherff,  as a blog we did, proves. 

His father, Prescott was a nazi plant and brought his son, 14,  GHW over from Germany, and confiscated the Bush name as cover.  This, that is happening now, has always been their agenda and the Bush's were pivotal in achieving what has occurred so far. 

John Judge on the Bush family 1988
He saw Bush Jr. coming decades earlier
- and Neil and Jeb too
By Brass Check TV

John Judge was one of the finest researchers we've ever had.
He passed away recently (April 2014).

In this talk he talks about the young Bush family. Twelve years before Bush the Idiot became president, his pockets were already being lined by various Middle Eastern clients of the Bush family.

But the real story is the visit Ned Bush paid on Bob Marley just days after Marley was shot. Bush impersonated a Rolling Stone reporter to get access to him.

You tell me...


Further down the rabbit hole; Another patrician young man whose father had been CIA Director, Carl Colby, also found it necessary to wangle access to Marley during this period. 

Vatic Note:  If you have any doubt about Bush senior and his criminality as CIA Director, this additional video will disabuse you of that doubt. What was GHW Bush doing at the Book depository in Dallas during the JFK assassination?   For that alone he should be tried and if found guilty, he should pay the  ultimate penalty.  That is treason and he should pay the price AND HISTORY SHOULD REFLECT SUCH TREASON.


- See more at: http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/the-treasonous-bush-family/john-judge-on-the-bush-family-1988.html#sthash.yAbfIVZB.dpuf

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The Missing Secrets - Nikola Tesla - Must SEE!

Vatic Note:  This is mind boggling.  I had no idea what a genius he really was and what he had accomplished. It shocked me all that he had done and then it only became reality after he died.  Haarp is a result of one of this experiements, and the military took it after he died, and made it into the weapon it now is, that they use as such.  He would be turning over in his grave if he knew that they had found it and developed it into what it is today.

Did you know he had filed over 700 patents to do with various forms of energy and other types of related subjects.   His problem was his ethics.   He was a humanitarian and was definitely harassed by those evil ones that wanted to use his discoveries for war and harm of other enemies of the government.  The Bankers also didn't want to see "free" anything, especially energy, so they sabotaged him.

In order to prevent anyone country from dominating any other countries, he distributed some of his inventions to all nations and Russia took advantage of it, much to the chagrin of the USA military.   What was most interesting is that today, the scientists and military are now using his papers and his discoveries from  years ago, to make their energy directed weapons for war.  He died in the 1940's and yet many of our weapons are a result of his work that is still around.

HAARP is a result of his work, developed after he died.  Who knows what else they have they are not talking about.  There was also a section in this video that discussed his discoveries on how to mass mind control humanity throug the atmosphere.  Now how spooky is that?   This was a fascinating video and a vatic must watch..... enjoy.  

The Missing Secrets - Nikola Tesla - Must SEE! 
Published on Oct 20, 2013
The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla. Watch powerful lecture https://youtu.be/y0OexbB-EXM !! Watch next http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0Oexb... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq1q58... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnvMzD... http://amzn.to/1c68iAG This documentary and the rest of the documentaries here are about important times and figures in history, historic places and sites, archaeology, science, conspiracy theories, and education. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L...


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Walmart: An Illuminati Experiment : They are chipping the clothes to spy on their customers.

Vatic Note: (VN: oh, dear, let me apologize, I have engaged in another rant, sorry!)  I should have known that this company was a khazar promoted Zionist operation.  Just watch and listen to the entire video and you will be shocked at what we did not know.  We have a new Walmart in our town and our population does not justify it, however we are only 30 some miles from Dulce near our border.  In fact our county shares some of the Archuleta Mesa that is famous for its underground facilites and military operations.

Just before opening the store they were laying fibre optics into our community, not just near the store, but in our residential areas, so is that tied into the smart meters being installed without our permission, by our electric company?  Are they building that global spy grid they decided on doing at the last G-20 meeting???

General Electric is who is supplying those radiation producing smart meters and that company is owned in part by the Queen of England,  WOW, HOW COZY ALL THIS IS BECOMING.  Remember, the royalty of Europe are buying up the land around the DEnver airport and Denver is scheduled to be the NWO Capital world wide.  This is all just starting to come together.   WE CANNOT TRUST ANY CORPORATIONS SUCH AS WAL MART OR GE, OR EVEN OUR LOCAL ELECTRIC COMPANY.  Do not forget that. 

This video explains fully why they are now here.  We must be a serious threat to them in some way that we are currently unaware of but will certainly work on finding out what and why.   I should have guessed all this since I found out that Hillary Clinton was one of their first members of their board of directors and the current crop of directors are all affiliated with investment firms, banks, and other slave labor companies that shipped our jobs overseas.

Now we have the New International Trade agreement proposal before Congress and they are trying to fast track it, and that will be the demise they are promising us here in the US.  After that will come the police state since we will be too poor to fight back,  THEY THINK.....   I just read that that TTCP trade agreement has massive censorship elements in it, internet restrictions and conditions under which reporters could be arrested if they report anything the corporations don't like.

Is this fascist corporatist Italy under Mussolini???  Its sure beginning to look like it.... but then we have a picture of what happened to Mussolini at the end of his run as head of Italy.  That will be the future of those trying to do the same to us and the rest of the globe.  China, Brazil, Russia, take heed,  once they are done with us, YOU WILL BE NEXT SO STOP THEM NOW BEFORE YOU CAN'T.

They cannot do any of this without your support and taking of our guns.  Both are necessary along with the WAL MARTS OF THE WORLD, FOR THEM TO SUCCEED.  Boycott Wal Mart, and shop elsewhere locally.   Keep our local businesses going so we have locally based decent paying jobs.  There is no doubt that the owners are traitors to our nation and we all know the penalty of treason DURING TIME OF WAR.  Don't kid yourselves, this is a war.... soft kill of us personally, of our nation, of our economic life, and our social life, and its all SATANICALLY BASED.  Watch for blogs proving it. 

I also just found out today that Wal Mart has facial recognition cameras in their stores and forward video pics of our faces into NASA which is also run by the Zionist bankers. TALK ABOUT TREASON. BIG TIME!  We also just voted another 200 million to Rothschild Israel, so they don't have to support themselves and Rothschild doesn't have to spend any of his 500 trillion dollar wealth for his empire building.  He will do that on our backs as he brings us down.  YEAH, RIGHT, over someones dead body.

SENIORS, THEY ARE COMING AFTER YOUR $2.7 TRILLION TRUST FUND AND HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET THAT FOR SOMETIME NOW.   I think your reaction when they take it, caused the Dept of Homeland "Zionist/gestapo" security to order shooting targets with pictures of seniors on them to desensitize The Zionist bankers private army now called Homeland Security, when it comes time to shoot people.   But that worm can turn in both directions.

Walmart: An Illuminati Experiment
Published on May 27, 2014
Exposing Walmart as Illuminati experiment.  (VN:  a truly serious eye opening experience, that will be hard to believe but makes perfect sense.  Forgot to mention that already almost half of the employees they hired here, have already quit and the store hasn't even opened yet, that is how bad they are to work for.  I am sooooo very glad I did not get a job there. You never know til you actually start work, so I can understand how some get trapped.  In Mexico, they do not pay their baggers any salary of any kind, these people work for tips and can't count on a certain amount of income to meet their obligations.  that is what it will be like to work as a slave and now you know why they want to import them into this country so we will become just like them, if we want to compete for the limited jobs available. SLAVES.....)





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Brainwashing America: Satanic Illuminati Mind Control (2014)-PART 3

Vatic Note:   We did a blog a while back, maybe a couple of years ago, showing an interview with transformation of America author, mind controlled, and sex slave Kathy O'Brien, who told us about George HW Bush's antics of Occult practices at the Bohemian grove.  

We even found out From Anton Levays (Founder of the church of satan) son  that at 10 years old witnesses George HW Bush's involvement in the sacrifice of a baby at someone’s castle located in a suburb of Denver, Co.  and the subsequent drinking of that baby's blood. (On this link above, you have to scroll down to read about the castle where this took place and the sworn affidavit this man signed naming George HW Bush as a participant in the satanic ritual.) 

This is heavy duty stuff and proof of it as well. It truly speaks for itself about the seriousness of our situation and the demonic presence of the evil ones in every phase of our lives.  The video below in this article even shows you specifically the damage DISNEY DOES TO OUR CHILDREN AND HOW ITS DONE.   Please check out all these links for a foundation underlying this whole satanic illuminati stuff.  Remember, the khazar Zionists are also part of it and it was always their religion since the 1700's.

They now rule Israel.  But both the Zionists and nazi's want to rule the entire globe instead of just our country.  I can't even imagine what it would be like to have 900,000 children missing each year from our country and only God knows how many from other countries, being used in this manner.  WE MUST STOP THIS FOR THE CHILDREN, SINCE THEY CANNOT PROTECT THEMSELVES.

Brainwashing America: Satanic Illuminati Mind Control (2014)-PART 3 
Published on Jul 7, 2014
This video reverses the brainwashing damage done by the satanic CIA in an operation called MK Ultra which stands for Mind Kontrol Ultra Being adopted by the U.S. military under operation paper clip during WW2 when Nazi scientist were recruited, and brought over the the U.S. Half these Nazi scientist made up half of the CIA during that time which means that Nazi ideology has infiltrated our military/government. (VN: Remember we did a blog proving that Sherff was one of those brought over to infiltrate here, in this country.  His name here was "Bush" along with his 14 year old son George HW Bush etc.)

They used demonic spirits to get knowledge for better technology, but not without cost. Every American should watch this very shocking informative video about what the government is doing behind closed doors, and the psych ops & mind manipulation they're carrying out on us. We are in a war for the hearts and minds of mankind.


MUST WATCH!!! LINK TO PART ONE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyFOd...

When I first grasped the full realization that satan controlled everything in society all I had to do was walk down the street and I saw satans symbols everywhere, and on everything. Every direction I looked was a satanic symbol. 

On cars, on business buildings, on commercials, on billboards, and I mean everywhere. I was experiencing a similar feeling to that of Neo when he first found out his entire life was a lie in the movie matrix. I experienced a spiritual pain I can not put into words. I damn near had a mental breakdown. If everything I know now was dumped on me all at once when I first started my research I know i would literally lose my mind. 

I've dedicated the last 7 years of my life to the Lords work, and till this very day I'm still learning things I could never fathom existed. Information I'm still learning about will put me in that state of utter hopelessness, and depression. 

God knew that I could only handle small increments of truth at a time, and he gradually taught me what I now know, and am still learning. Ecclesiastes 1:18-"For with much wisdom comes much sorrow; the more knowledge, the more grief."

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OH, My Gawd, Google Has an Electronic Tattoo That will be Needed to Authenticate Our Electronics

Vatic Note:    Once you read this,  you might have to start shopping for someplace else to go for all your internet needs.  Its becoming clear that google does not respect our need for protection through our constitution, from the tyrants who have always tried to control and dictate to the world. You can ignore the religious aspects of this if you wish, since our main purpose in putting this out here is the serious nature of the proposals that are coming out from Obama, in Obama care and by Google in authentication of their services.  Once I saw this video, I then understood why the CIA gave Google its seed money to start that company.

It was for the purposes of tracking and spying on every single individual on the planet after "depopulate" and then they impose their "SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER" on us.  That has been made clear as a bell on this video and he provides more evidence than you can get anywhere else. It was also made clear as a bell in the emergency blog I put up last night about the ATF coming for our ammo and interfering with our purchasing of such ammo.

The problem with the video is, he does it in a religious context, which would eliminate non christian religions and those who belong to other religions and even no religion, and would not take it seriously.  This is not only a CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUE, but its also a political issue.   If we have functioning guns, then they are in trouble, as they already know, or they would not have gone through so many false flags and controlled opposition attempts to get us to give up those guns and every nation that has fallen to tyranny did so AFTER GIVING UP THEIR GUNS.  Tattooing us is a nothing compared to taking our guns and ammo from us.

AS the Russians warned us..... they gave up their guns and the zionists took over Russia and ruled it with an iron fist.  Who knows how many of the Russian children were killed, pedophiled and had their blood taken in Russia.  It would be nice to know, since it had to have happened, since it has happened everywhere they have taken over a nation.  It will happen to us as well. 

This must be taken VERY seriously since its no different than the smart meters in their impact and in fact, I believe they will somehow connect them, to then tie us all into a global grid of spying, to reduce the risks of resistance.  If you are religious or spiritual, its even more profound in that its been written about in the ancient Bible and you run the risk of being one of millions of Christians they intend to massacre just like they did in Russia.  The implications of this is way greater than we can imagine.

So either they had this planned centuries ago, or it was truly revealed by God to those writing the Bible.  You will find this in revelations. Check it out and you decide. Remember, its not whether YOU believe this about the mark of the beast, its whether the insane perverts doing all this unethical illegal and perverted stuff, believes it.  Its what drives these Satanists, they actually believe what they are saying and doing.....  DO NOT TAKE THE MARK. 

Urgent, 2015. Make this video viral before it is taken down!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywuPS7uyIO8 
Published by Edgar Eddie, on Sep 10, 2014


Avoid this mark at all cost. The bible makes it very clear that the only way to avoid the mark on your right hand or forehead or end up worshipping the beast is that your name be written in the lamb's Book of Life.

"And all the people who belong to this world worshipped the beast. They are the ones whose names were not written in the Book of Life before the world was made--the Book that belongs to the Lamb who was slaughtered." (
Revelation 13:8)

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